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HIPAA Compliant

Having an MSP that is HIPAA compliant is crucial for businesses in the healthcare industry to safeguard their patients' protected health information and avoid costly penalties for non-compliance.
HIPAA Compliant

Stay Compliant

Hiring an MSP that is not HIPAA compliant can lead to serious consequences for healthcare organizations, including fines, loss of trust with patients, and damage to reputation. It is always best for healthcare organizations to work with HIPAA-compliant MSPs and vendors who have experience and expertise in HIPAA compliance to ensure the protection of patient information.

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HIPAA Compliant Software

During your company on-boarding process, we implement software into your IT infrastructure that is HIPAA compliant. We also obtain a signed BAA from those software companies. This enables full compliance all across the board.

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HIPAA-Trained Technicians

Our MSP Solutions include unlimited support from our HIPAA-trained Smart Talk™ technicians that are at the ready to help you and your team with IT issues that may arise.

If you need assistance, please call us at (651) 240-4313.

Ready To Become Cybersecure?

Book a consultation today and receive the support & security you need.

If you need assistance, please call us at (651) 240-4313.

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